Discover the way to sustainable homes…

Green Homes Sheffield is organising a Sustainable Homes Discovery event in the early evening of Wednesday 6 April in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University, to share knowledge, practice, and connections about making homes in Sheffield more sustainable for the future.

We’re excited that this event will take place in the Heartspace of SHU, within the Atrium,  from 5pm-8pm, including displays from local businesses and housing organisations, and a programme of talks and discussions.  Presentations from practitioners and researchers  will highlight the challenges, opportunities, and strategies available for retrofitting Sheffield homes to make them fit for a low-energy future.

A range of organisations, businesses, and practitioners are being invited to contribute (e.g. Green Building Store, the Association for Environmentally Conscious Building, and Sustainable Building consultants) and the event is expected to attract homeowners, staff and students from SHU,  and organisations concerned about sustainable housing.  It will be a great opportunity to showcase expertise and opportunities around home energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Attendance will be free of charge (both for stallholders and other participants), and we hope you’ll be able to join us.

Online booking will be available soon, but please get in touch if you’re interested in a display space, or in speaking at the event, or if you have any questions!