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Homes opening this weekend 12-13 Nov

Do pass on this invitation to visit homes around Sheffield and see their energy improvements – talk to the hosts about the real-life experience of retrofit!

What methods do they trust? Who are the best builders? What’s it like to live with the technology? Find out more about all the homes and opening times here:…

We have 13 homes open, across Sheffield, from Burngreave to beyond Stannington, and from Crookes to Meersbrook. Regular favourites such as the low-impact extension at Fireside and the 1930s Superhome in Edgedale Road, plus 2 completely new homes to view, which we are very excited about…

In Southgrove Road we have a family home with significant improvements including an extension. In Heeley, REACH homes are opening their prototype affordable home built from shipping containers, using recycled materials!

Pass on the news to your friends and workmates – get involved in our network for greener homes in Sheffield!

Ready, steady, pedal!

It’s definitely not a race, but you could say it’s a marathon – a cycle  tour taking in no less  than 11 of our Green Homes Sheffield hosts! On Sunday 4th October we invite you to join us, and our friends from CycleSheffield and Sheffield Friday Night Ride, for a grand tour, paced to include everyone, and definitely not including Jenkin Road…

You can book for this ride here and find out all about the homes that we will visit here. Wherever you join us, please be prompt, so we can keep up with our busy schedule. To whet your appetite, here are some of the attractions:

First stop after leaving Barkers Pool will be Burngreave, where two contrasting homes are on view. Fireside Housing Co-op consists of 4 terraced houses which have had a low-impact extension built to replace their old offshot kitchens. At Barnsley Road you’ll see examples of different kinds of insulation, solar panels and efficient glazing.

In Meersbrook there are two alternative options to look at – either a brilliant example of internal wall insulation, or some amazing new triple-glazed windows – you choose!

Then we are off again, to visit a ‘typical semi’ but with a world of difference in its energy use. This is a ‘Superhome’ where radical changes have been made to ensure low energy usage.

Deeper into Nether Edge we have another choice – this time between a home with internal insulation installed by the owner, or a chance to see the ‘before and after’ of how sliding sash windows can be renovated to make them energy efficient and cosy.

The next stop is lunch at Strip the Willow cafe, but also a chance to see the recycled Innotherm insulation they have installed.

Then we cycle to Ecclesall Road and visit two large Victorian terraced homes, each with many energy-saving features, including external and internal wall insulation, renovated windows, and solar PV panels.

Next we take a steady route to Crookes, where we will see a small terraced house in one of the most exposed sites in Sheffield, which has had insulation and draught-proofing brought up to a high standard, and where the owner can explain up-to-date facts on getting PV panels.

Finally, our road goes to Stannington and beyond, to Green Directions, where we can see the renewable energy generation that powers their well-insulated barn conversion now used as a venue for weddings and events.  (This last longer section of the ride is optional – indeed you are welcome to join just one part of the tour rather than the whole day – options are available on the booking site.)

We hope you can join us for an interesting day out, and please remember that many of these homes are also open at other times on the weekends of 3-4th and 10-11th October, with all means of transport welcome!

All aboard for the Tour de Green Homes Sheffield!

Bookings are now live for all 19 homes opening their doors to you on 9-10 and 16-17 May. Here’s  preview of what’s on offer and you can find full details at or using the links below – please book ahead for the tours you are interested in by following the green ‘Bookings’ link to the right of the home details.

On Saturday 9th May, Crookes and Stannington take the lead – you’ll find 2 homes in Crookes open in combination for tours at 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm and 2pm,  and Green Directions open (near Stannington) at 2.30pm.

On Sunday 10th May 2 contrasting homes in Sharrow are open alternately, at 10.30am, 11.45am, 1pm and 2.15pm, while the cafe nearby at Strip the Willow  will welcome you for a cuppa and a look at their Inno-therm insulation anytime between 11-4!

Saturday 16th May is the big day for Ecclesall Road homes, with a grand total of 4 terraced and semi-detached homes, open at 11.30am, 1pm, 2.30pm and 4pm respectively, with a wealth of features on display.

The grand finale of our Spring event is Sun 17th May, when 4 homes new to our network in Meersbrook open their doors at 10am, 11:15am, 12:30pm, 1:45pm and 3pm in varying combinations so you can visit them all! Meanwhile, over in Burngreave another 3 homes are on show in combination at 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm, with everything from draught-proofing to a low-impact extension for you to see.   And last but not least, a typical terrace in Crookes shows the way with insulation and draught-proofing at 10.30am, 1pm and 2.30pm.

We hope you’ll join us for a relaxed and informative tour of some of our Green Homes, and why not join our network to stay in touch and find out about helpful businesses for your own refurbishment project?

Thanks to local businesses High Efficiency Low Carbon, and Homeco for supporting our work with donations this year!  We have also received grant funding from Green Open Homes and from Sheffield Town Trust.




Burngreave open homes: keeping cosy this winter

The highlight of this weekend’s open home events will be our Burngreave Special on Sunday 19th – a chance to see 3 different homes, each with various kinds of insulation, draught-proofing and renewable energy on view. Talk to the householders about their experience of getting energy improvements installed, what it’s like to live with, and how you could do the same.  We’re delighted Green Homes Sheffield will feature on Radio Sheffield’s Saturday breakfast show this week – please listen in!

You can join any combination of these 3 visits in Burngreave, please book online if possible, and arrive promptly:
10.30-12.30 – Fireside Housing Co-op (visit 1), 57 Melrose Rd (Including soup, bread and salad )
13.00-13.45 – 266 Barnsley Road
14.00-14.45 – Brambles Housing Co-op 80 Andover St
15.00-17.00 – Fireside Housing Co-op (visit 2), 57 Melrose Rd (including tea and cake)

Fun in the sun last weekend!

Kind of hard to believe, as the rain now beats down, but our final Spring open homes weekend was  feast of fun in the sun! We teamed up with Sheffield Friday Night Ride for a gentle tour of 7 open homes – we were delighted to have 50 riders turn up for the ride, who were skilfully shepherded through mini-tours of homes in Meersbrook, Sharrow and Burngreave, and enjoyed refreshments en route in the beautiful garden of our host in Southgrove Road, and afterwards at the Gardener’s Rest pub.

Alongside the bike ride, over the weekend there were other opportunities to visit 7 homes, and many visitors took in several tours on Saturday and Sunday. Lots of questions were asked and contacts made with useful builders, suppliers and installers. The information flowed in all directions as visitors and hosts discussed their energy efficiency projects.  It was great to meet so many people who are so thoughtfully tackling making their home greener.  As we gathered after the final tour of the weekend, at Fireside Housing Co-op, there was a real sense of a developing network of support.

Now our project team are busy putting together a report on our Spring openings, and taking steps to build the network further. If you or your company want to be involved, please use the sign-up form or our contact form to get in touch. We are already looking forward to more events this autumn, and would love to invite you!

Two premieres and a Friday Night Ride!

The weekend of 16-18 May is another opportunity to learn more about how to green up your home by seeing solutions at homes around the city. Green Homes Sheffield hosts are keen to share their experiences with you and tell the story of how they made their home warmer and greener. It’s the last of our open homes events this spring, with 7 homes open and a staggering total of 27 tours, including a ‘Friday Night Ride’ bike tour of several homes in one evening! On show you can see eco-renovations such as internal insulation, solar PV, solar hot water, triple glazing and more.

We are pleased to announce that in Stocksbridge, Greave House Farm is opening for the first time on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th. The old dairy and milking parlour have been converted into a really amazing home. This has included under-floor and ceiling insulation, additional roof insulation and wall insulation. The upgrades have also included double and triple glazing, an air source heat pump, and use of recycled wood. The Supertram Link or bus number 57 (catch it from outside Argos in town) can take you there. Please book for a tour here.

Near Ecclesall Road, an 1890s brick-built semi-detached property on Southgrove Road is open for tours on Friday 16th and Sunday 18th May. This typical Victorian property is now more effectively heated by a condensing boiler and solar hot water, with solar electricity too. There is a wealth of information available on how the home’s energy use has been drastically reduced to make it cheaper to run.

Sheffield Friday Night Ride is a friendly monthly bike ride with a theme – their motto is: “We have nothing to lose but our chains”. This month’s ride will visit several Green Homes on Friday 16 May, covering around 10 miles, with lots of support for new riders. Full details at – no need to book for the bike ride, just meet for a 6.30pm start from Barkers Pool.

If you are thinking of doing some home improvements to make your home more energy efficient and affordable, why not book tours of our homes and learn from what others have done? Join our network for more information at and see full listings and book in advance for tours of all 7 homes at

Busy Bank Holiday weekend ahead!

Over the Bank Holiday weekend 3rd- 5th May Green Homes Sheffield is offering 7 more chances to visit Green Homes near you in Sharrow, Greystones, Crookes, Millhouses, Crookesmoor and Hunters Bar.

These homes are opening their doors for tours and will show off their eco-features to inspire you. Please come along to learn more from householders who have made their homes warmer, more affordable and greener.

At these homes you can see different examples of insulation used, on internal walls, in attic rooms and under floors. Several homes have solar electricity and there are several examples of how to use solar water heating to reduce your gas bills. You can also find out about different options for upgrading or replacing windows to make them more energy efficient.

Mark Wells, our Green Homes host in Crookes commented: “When I started work to insulate my home, I really benefited from other people’s experience to understand what to do and who could help me. It’s great to have the opportunity to share what I’ve learnt along the way. I hope it will help more householders to get work done that makes their home more comfortable and cheaper to run.”

Please book in advance for tours of all these homes at – homes are open at different times. More events will take place on 16th, 17th and 18th May, with a total of 18 homes open this spring.

Did you hear the one about the 3 Victorian homes?

… a detached house, a semi and a terrace?? If not, you have the chance to tomorrow, Thurs 24th April, when these 3 homes will open their doors to help you understand how to save energy in your home!

You can book for tours at 12pm, 2pm and 4pm of the detached house on Barnsley Road at The house has many energy-saving features including different kinds of insulation, window solutions and renewable energy.

The work done to make the Victorian semi more cosy and energy efficient is explained in our blog here  – it’s a great example of what can be done from simple DIY to major refurb. There are tours at 12pm, 1.30pm and 3pm bookable here:

And if a terraced house is what you want to see, there is a fine example at The home has underfloor insulation and internal wall insulation, as well as solar electricity, and there’s a lot to learn about what works in a typical passage-terrace house.    Tours tomorrow at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

Please book your visits so your host can put the kettle on and be ready to tell you their story!


Jasmine’s recommended tour

Inspired by Jenny, I am journeying across Sheffield this Wednesday and Thursday to get to as many Green Open Homes as possible!

On Wednesday 23rd I’ll start off at 11am at Shirebrook Road. I highly recommend this as John designed the new build himself and there are many impressive features in the house. It’s definitely worth going to. Tours can be booked here

Then I’ll head to the South Yorkshire Energy Centre in Heeley. I hope to see the models demonstrating how renewable energy works. Of course it also has many features that different homes can learn from to insulate their own.

After that, I’ll head off to Green Directions in Stannington for a tour at 3.30pm. The house itself has been transformed from a stable to a comfortable home and there are extensive insulation measures. The most interesting thing about Green Directions is that it has two wind turbines on the site.

On Thursday 24th, I’ll start at 11am again but on Stainton Road. This Victorian house (built in 1890) has partly done internal insulation and is planning to have external insulation in the other areas of the house.

Then I’ll head to Springvale Road for 12pm. The house here is undergoing the process of green re-furbishments. It will be a nice place to see the “before and after”. Then I’ll get a bus to Albert Road at 1.30pm for their tour. It is also a very typical example of how insulation in Victorian houses can be done as well as the installation of Solar PV.

Lastly, I’ll take the number 47 bus and head to Burngreave to visit the Housing co-op on Barnsley Road. The tour starts at 4pm. The special thing about the house is that it has got underground heating in the toilet!

I’ll then call it a day phew, it will really be a rush… but it can be done and I encourage you to try a tour of your own. Book online at

Events this Wednesday and Thursday!

Following our first Green Homes Sheffield open weekend when 8 homes opened, we’re thrilled to announce that on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th April we have 7 Green Homes open in Burngreave, Greystones, Meersbrook, Stannington, Crookesmoor and Heeley.

These houses have some great eco-features to inspire you – please come along to learn more from householders who have made their homes warmer, more affordable and greener.

On Wednesday 23rd April an extraordinary eco-build house on Shirebrook Road (S8) is open to the public. An impressive biomass boiler stove and rainwater tank are available to observe. In addition, Solar PV and solar thermal energy are also on show. Triple glazing keeps all the heat in really well, to keep it warm and to save money. Come and find out how your home could be made this cosy!

After visiting this new-build why not go to Springvale Road in Crookesmoor to see what part-way through a full programme of green refurbishments looks like! wall insulation, attic room insulation and under-floor insulation have been put in place to reduce energy costs. A condensing boiler and mains pressure hot water cylinder are available to view. On show are refurbished sliding sash windows with double-glazing, and a heat recovery ventilation system is being built as part of ongoing basement refurbishment.

Following this, Green Directions at Townfield Head Farm in Stannington (S6) is a really impressive barn-conversion, and a great family day out. There are two impressive wind turbines, solar PV, and extensive under-floor heating. The household collect weekly energy data and have compiled some remarkable charts of how much energy and money they have saved since 2011. It’s a fascinating demonstration of just how much can be achieved.

The South Yorkshire Energy Centre in Heeley (S2) will also be opening its doors on Wednesday 23 April to show-off its brilliant working features such as a ground-source heat pump, which supplies under-floor heating to the old terraced house. There are also windowpanes in the walls to see different types of internal insulation. Not to mention wind turbines, solar panels and if you’ve got time after all this learning, you could put your feet up in the Heeley City Farm café!

On Thursday 24 April a home on Barnsley Road (S4) will be opening its draught-proofed doors and double-glazed windows to any interested persons. Some great things about this house are the solar PV, the solar hot water system and the condensing boiler. Also, draught-proofing and attic insulation make this large building very comfortable.

Also open on Thursday will be a house on Stainton Road (S11), which has extensive insulation measures. This property is particularly interesting if you also live in a mid-terraced house and want to find out what can be done to make it warmer and cheaper to run.
A house on Albert Road (S8) is also open with under-floor insulation installed from the cellar, secondary glazing and an insulated attic room. There are also some moisture management and draught-proofing techniques to look at. Nearby is another house demonstrating external insulation techniques, which can be viewed at any time. Back in Heeley, the South Yorkshire Energy Centre is open again on Thursday, for anyone who couldn’t make it on Wednesday, or needs more cake!

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Please book in advance for tours of all these homes at Homes are open at different times. More events will take place in May, with a total of 18 homes open this spring.