WARMCEL is created via a manufacturing process that takes waste paper and converts it into high-performance cellulose fibre insulation. Offering complete void-fill, lower air permeability, increased ‘U’-Values and a BREEAM assessed GWP of -1.5, WARMCEL actively reduces a building’s carbon footprint and helps achieve green targets first time.

Recovery Insulation Ltd

Recovery Insulation Ltd is the Le Relais UK agent, offering Le Relais Metisse® under the INNO-THERM® brand name.

INNO-THERM®/Metisse®  is an environmentally responsible eco-insulation, delivering fuel-saving thermal performance with excellent acoustic properties. It is approved fit for the purpose as a thermal and acoustic insulation and building insulation for wood frame, roof, floor and sarking.


Contact: info@recovery-insulation.co.uk
0114 258 7639
07968 844 891

Sustainable Building

Sustainable Building’s consultant, Nick Parsons, has worked for over 25 years in energy-efficient and sustainable building and renewable energy. 

Nick carries out home energy surveys to assess potential energy efficiency improvements and renewable energy installations, and provides consultancy and project management services to individuals, small businesses and community organisations.


Contact:  nick.parsons@sustainablebuilding.org.uk

Sheffield Solar

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